Unleash Your Data with Clojure: Using Transducers and Sequences

Alex Miller

Co-Author, Clojure Applied

As programmers, we spend the bulk of our time writing code that transforms data from one structure to another. The status quo in languages like Java uses imperative loops that accumulate changes in mutable objects. Functional programming and immutable values offer a different approach with opportunities for composability, concurrency, and simplicity.

In this talk we’ll examine Clojure’s approach to data and data transformation, which is built from a foundation of immutable values and persistent collections. Clojure offers several models for transformation of collections – sequences, reducers, and transducers. We’ll compare these to each other and to the status quo to see how the functional approach results in less code, fewer bugs, and greater reuse.

A screencast of Alex’s talk is now available on the Chariot Solutions site.

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Location: Salon B
April 12th, 2016
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM