Raffi Krikorian

Raffi Krikorian

Engineering Lead, Uber Advanced Technologies Center
How Your Organization is Killing your Software

I work at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center thinking about and building massive scale data and software platforms to change computing, transportation, and the world.

Until August 2014, I was Twitter’s VP of Engineering in charge of the Platform, the core infrastructure of Twitter. I managed 400 people who worked on, amongst other things, the business logic, the scalable services, APIs, storage, core libraries, and the internal development model of all of Twitter.

Before Twitter I used to create technologies to help people frame their personal energy consumption against global energy production (Wattzon – Business Week’s “Best Idea” 2008), fueled my television habit through writing “TiVo Hacks” (O’Reilly, August 2003), and also ran a consulting company building off-the-wall projects. At one point, I also used to teach at NYU’s ITP (created the class Every Bit You Make) and spent way too much time as a student at MIT and the MIT Media Lab (Internet 0 – Scientific American September 2004).

Slides from Raffi’s talk are now available on the Chariot Solutions site.